October 5, 2017

The circular economy; I’ve talked about it often, an economic system designed to maximize reusability of products and commodities, thus minimizing value destruction. A very interesting concept, forcing organizations more or less to look into their processes in a different innovative manner. For example, the financial side of the case.

Many organizations are already working around the world and research into the circular economy is in full swing. Also on Aruba!

The research is called “the case is solved” and focuses on companies with a circular business case in both the Netherlands and Aruba who are facing financial challenges as a result of innovative, circular business management. Companies in the circular economy are all challenged to expose financial issues to ultimately make their business case financially healthy. The research contributes to finding appropriate solutions for companies that are already in the circular economy, as well as for companies who want to move forward to the future.

In March last year, an agreement with all consortium partners – Project Manager Windesheim (Zwolle) – was submitted for funding this research at the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NOW). Recently, this application has been granted. In the research, the University of Stenden, Circle Economy, Sustainable Finance Lab, ING Bank, I-Lab Greenpac and, of course, a large number of innovative companies. Aruba University and Bureau Innovation consortium partners are from Aruba. Also, some Aruban companies will be at the forefront of sustainability or circularity. The research runs from September 2017 to July 2019.

Recently, the kick-off took place at Blue City in Rotterdam. Perhaps better known as the former Tropicana swimming pool. Unfortunately, I have not been there yet, but it radiates circular thinking in every possible way. In a very creative way, they have found a new destination and now houses all start-ups and companies in the circular economy. As they describe themselves: “A pool full of possibilities, that’s BlueCity. A playground for circular companies where we compare with brain, balls, fun and fun to an economy in which waste does not exist. In BlueCity you get a portion of radical disruption to your coffee and we together create a world of waste valuable. “(See also www.bluecity.nl). I still know some buildings on our dushi Aruba that might also be eligible for such a radical shake-up ;-).

Back to the research; at the kick-off, several organizations and companies were present. Both Dutch and Aruban. The UA and the Arubahuis represented Aruba; unfortunately we could not be present from Bureau Innovation. During the kick-off, the research was explained by the consortium and secondly, I understood that it was received very enthusiastically by the attendants.

In order to inspire the participants and give the meeting a practical introduction, for example, Mr. Johannes Baas, Windesheim’s alumni and owner of the Dutchfiets company (see www.dutchfiets.nl) presented a presentation about a bicycle developed and accompanied by it ongoing financing process. Dutchfiets is a socially responsible, maintenance-poor design bike made of recyclable plastic.

At the end of October, the kick-off of the survey will also take place in Aruba. We will keep you informed of developments and if you want to know more, you can always contact the University of Aruba (5262200) or Office Innovation (5887075).