September 7, 2017

Are you familiar with that moment you feel the need to talk or write about something, but you do not know exactly why? Today (Sunday) was such a moment. Kind of a serendipity moment at my office. I sat with a few colleagues at the office to finish a few more things and to prepare things for the coming week. Meanwhile, I contemplated in my mind about what topic I would write the column for this week.

In the last few weeks I have often thought of the book Huh ?! what I read a while ago. A book by Berthold Gunster. That book is entirely about ‘remembrance’. In a different way than the standard way to the world, if the “standard way” exists. I’ve already mentioned the book in a column. For some reason, in the past period, my attention was drawn to different places. So also today. Do not know why, but someone laid it on my desk when I got to the office.

I played in my thoughts with different subjects that I could address in the column. For example; how you have been able to purchase Green’S’Cool bags at various places on the island. Reusable and biodegradable bags designed by 4 winners of the league we have proclaimed to show people how they see Aruba in 2046 (related to 30 Year Status Last Year). You can now get yourself 4 different designs. When buying the bags, you also contribute to the further awareness of our community in terms of sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. All revenue from the sales of the bags will be flowing back to the Green’S’Cool foundation and will be reintroduced for other sustainability projects. If you want to buy the bags, you can get them at Fresh Market Paradera, De Witt & Van Dorp Dakota and Plaza Bookshop.

In addition, I played with the thought of writing a second column about universal base income. The two weeks ago my column produced many responses from all different angles. I cam to notice how there really is a group ready to start the conversations for universal basis.

Back to the serendipity moment; The book “Huh?!” stayed in my mind and I came to the conclusion that he had manifested himself to me today yet again. I wonder once more, or perhaps you better call it annoy myself on how we interact with each other and the world. Whether it’s things that are going on in America, developments in the Middle East, in the Netherlands, closer to Venezuela or closer to home on our own dushi tera, it keeps amazing me to see with how little respect we act and react. As if we really do not care about each other or the world. Is everything negative then? No definitely not! There are also beautiful things that inspire me and give energy, continue to drive me to boost 100% energy, love, passion and innovation. This book gave me the necessary inspiration to look at everything in a different way, and to offer solutions or alternatives right away; reversed thinking.

While I’m playing with all those thoughts in my head, one of my colleagues makes a comment: Hey, this is a good one, have not seen such a good one in a long time! I wonder what he means and he reads it out loud: Everyone thinks of changing the world, but nobody’s thinking about changing oneself. A statement by Leo Tolstoy, a Russian writer and philosopher who lived from 1828 to 1910 and he hit the nail exactly right. More than 100 years later, this statement is still so accurate. The only difference is that we can now also cover a book of all kinds of examples, so that we can train ourselves more and more to respond to each other and the world with more respect and care.

How are you going to change yourself to change the world?