July 22, 2017

Do you meditate? A question being asked more lately, letting uncomfortable feelings arise in some people. Comments like “Meditating, is for those who are in to that hippy stuff”. Or: “Sitting down without doing anything, what a waste of my time!” are the reactions I regularly hear when I talk about meditating to people. On the other hand, people also share with me how much they benefit in meditation and what it means to them.

Last week at the Bureau Innovation we had a Coffeebyte session specifically about “meditating in the workplace”. The first responses came in shortly after we sent out the flyer. On the picture a man and woman sat in business clothing in lotus posture. That picture made a smile appear on the faces of many people, while thinking of some meditation.

Sister Rota Grun of Brahma Kumaris hosted the CoffeeByte session and immediately took away the idea that you should be in lotus position at your workplace to be able to meditate. She explained that meditation is a way of life for her. Giving her room for growth and development.

People who regularly visit the Brahma Kumaris centers exercise open-minded meditation that relaxes the mind and helps to develop a healthy balance between our inner and outer world. They study the offered ideas in the form of a spiritual study that observes all religious traditions and talks about the origin of the soul, God, time, and karma.

In the Coffeebyte session, we had participants with different backgrounds and thoughts about meditation. Some had never meditated and found it somewhat scary. Others meditated for a long time and shared how much it means to them and how they experience it. Sister Rota Grun invited us in a very nice part of her journey brining her to Brahma Kumarbis and how she brought meditation into her life. After that story, we all meditated and experienced what the meditation of Brahma Kumaris entails.

Why workplace meditation? The workplace is often one of the places where stress can be high. Meditation helps you to take a moment and to approach the situation from another perspective. Many studies have now been conducted into the effects of meditation. In short, you can say that it leads to relaxation and therefore to more productivity and rest.

Even large organizations like Apple and Microsoft have created special places to meditate. Google went one step further and developed its own program called Search Inside Yourself. Chade Meng Tan is the master brain behind this program and even released a book of equal names. A nice article to read about this is an article in business insider: goo.gl/zTXuYh. He indicates how important meditation was in Google. He had previously tried to implement meditation within Google, but failed to find the right positioning. When he started meditating as a workout for emotional intelligence, he hit the right snare. Now, thousands of people in Google are following this program, within a high-tech company with almost all techs.

After the CoffeeByte session, we received different responses from people within a few hours. One of the attendees even discussed it within her organization and she is now following a course of Brahma Kumaris with her entire team.

That is exactly one of the reasons why we organize CoffeeByte sessions; Making people aware of aspects within the society not seen every day but whom need to stimulate development and can be of interest in your life.