Week 26 // Gifts

July 17, 2017

Another year older. Twice a year, I reflect on all that is happening lately, and how to approach the coming period. Always around the same time; new years and my birthday on June 25th. Both dates are beautiful mid-year dates.

Within innovation, there has been far from little happening in the past year, both internationally and locally. Not to mention what’s happening in this area.

The technological advancement is hardly possible if you do not work on it 24 hours a day. Last week, among other things, Science wrote about one of the most amazing technological developments of last year: the ability to share information on a remote basis without the passage of time: quantum entanglement. It means, therefore, that exactly at the same information can be in two places at once at the same time. Therefore, hacking of data is no longer possible.¬†Einstein called this phenomenon of quantum entanglement “Spooky Action”.

Well, I must say the development within quantum physics is also one of my personal hobbies, so this message drew my attention right away. The fact that we are scientifically able to carry out information and transfer without the intervention of time is really mind-blowing and opens many new doors both economically and scientifically. Take a moment to think about what it means if we are able to spread data without the passage of time around the world. For more information click here 

Locally, there is also a lot of progress in the field of innovation. From the Bureau of Innovation (BI) we now have a reasonable overview of what is happening in this area. Looking at what has happened in recent years, how Aruba developed and what growth we jointly go through in the creation towards a sustainable society, I am really grateful that Bureau Innovation is contributing to this. We have been busy for over 3 years now with this. The first year was all about the development of Bureau Innovation within the Ministry of General Affairs. The second year consisted of planting the seeds with our stakeholders to see which role BI could fulfill. Now, the third year we are exchanging knowledge and expertise in innovation and share this with relevant areas and stakeholders.

Over the coming year, I hope that we can make a number of important achievements in the field of innovation that will benefit our society, such as the further implement action of the Startup Aruba platform and the Smart City, from a joint basis with partners within both the private sector and the knowledge centers.

Of course, I also realize that there are still big challenges. New forms of innovation, however, call for new forms of collaboration and a different approach to thinking. During one of my early morning beach walks, one of my fellow walkers asked me to focus more specifically on that; The awareness process for people who demand technological and economic innovation for social innovation: thinking and acting from inclusion and circular thinking instead of exclusion and linear thinking. I promised him more consciousness to go there and to ask more attention through my columns. Whoevers birthday it is, they are supposed to treat, and therefore, I present a gift to him to name this so specific in this column. A second gift I would like to give people interested in reading more about inclusion, circular thinking, new forms of economics and how to deal with this. Business in the New Economy of Margo Hoek is a very interesting book. It gives a practical representation of how the new economy looks and how to do business. I have already offered it once in my column to read and thankfully many people have used it. If you want to read more, send me an email to bianca@bi.aw