Mobile Tech Lab

In February 2017, OCTA Innovation accepted BI’s proposal requesting finance to realize a Mobile Tech Lab for Aruba. The project includes transforming a container into a Mobile Technology Lab consisting of 3D printers, laser cutters, iPads, computers and packages. Once completed, the Mobile Tech Lab will visit the secondary schools and the national after school programs Traimerdia/Nos Atardi. The aim of the Mobile Tech Lab is to:
1) Expose the youth to new technologies in a practical and recreational manner;
2) Teach the youth how to work with these technologies so they are able to manage them in the future;
3) Teach the youth critical thinking and problem solving skills;
4) Expose the youth to what is currently being taught in theory at school to practice in the field;
5) Teach the youth to work together to solve problems, a crucial skill for the future;
6) Teach the youth to communicate with one another and to express themselves.

The Tech Lab is scheduled to visit each of these programs for a period of two weeks, where students will be exposed to new technology and develop the practical skills that they need to confront the challenges of the future. A curriculum has been written for children ages 6-12 and for children ages 12-16. With this Mobile Tech Lab, BI wishes to raise the scientific knowledge among our youth.