May 11, 2017

Monday morning, the office is buzzing. Everybody is talking about it. 1000VOZ is the talk of the day. The Bureau of Innovation participated in this most recent event of AVP. The message and goal of this event? Aruba is yours and your voice counts. It’s time to contribute and share your innovative idea’s to be part of the solution. The overall feel? When was the last time you had fun with a group of total strangers from all sorts of generations and backgrounds, sitting together at a table for more than 3 hours having conversations focused on solutions and ideas? That’s exactly what happened last Sunday morning at the Hilton Ballroom. And it was great.

This week the results of the leading topics that arose from 1000VOZ will be presented in a press conference to the public. Can you imagine how much fun it will be for some of you out there to actually witness your words and idea’s become reality and for them to be executed in the political program? To stay updated you can always visit their website

For the BI team this event felt like a kick off to the creative and innovative week and events we have coming up. We have fueled up the TEDxAruba machine and planning has started for the 2017 event. We won’t give away too many details yet, but it will be one you really don’t want to miss out on. For all you TEDx-ers out there, make sure to follow the build up on Facebook at

But first things first! It’s Hackathon week! Our Director Bianca Peters already wrote about it and what to expect, in her most recent column for Amigoe. The 11th, 12th and 13th of May will be all about a group of people coming together in a creative setting to brainstorm about Oranjestad and how to bring it back to life. Ever since the Ministry of Economic Affairs started this great initiative we knew our shared office space “The Vault” (located at the center of it all – a main street sideway) made BI the perfect place to facilitate this event. Also on board are the Chamber of Commerce and VNO, bringing their knowledge and network. Everybody who wants to see and be the change in Oranjestad is invited to come and join this creative “lockdown” session. If you participate by yourself, BI will arrange a group for you. For more information or to register, contact the Chamber of Commerce via or Esther Broeksema, Project Manager at Bureau Innovatie via

The outcome of this two-day event will be presented Saturday Night May 13th during an open to all audiences event starting at 18:00. Feel welcome to join and see the winning concepts and products. The truss and tents are being set up outside, the ice coolers are being filled with refreshments while music is playing and the positive ambiance is tangible. BI is ready to receive the first Hackathon participants for their introduction and information night starting today at 18:00!